(9 June 2003)

Crawling through hell and coming out whole...


Suze issued the Challenge:

"It's about Duncan MacLeod, the man who wouldn't give up against Kell. The Duncan MacLeod who took a horrible beating, and wouldn't give up. The Duncan MacLeod who took mortal wounds and wouldn't give up. The Duncan MacLeod who, by sheer willpower, pulled himself up from his knees and called Kell back for more. Not once, but again and again, until he won.

It's a story about a man who stands at his cousin's grave and grieves, but isn't bleeding and battered inside. A man who has already begun to heal himself. A strong, self-aware man who, after over four hundred years, has learned something new about himself.

It's a story about a man who will never again, no matter how long he lives, ever be tempted to give up on anything, or anyone he cares about. It's a story about a man who believes in himself.

I've read enough stories about a battered, wounded Duncan crawling to Methos for healing and comfort and shelter. I want to read a story about a strong, capable, *healed* Duncan MacLeod who has made his journey through hell and come out the other side whole. I want to see that Duncan MacLeod show up at Methos' door to reclaim what was, and always will be his -- Methos.

Anybody got one?"


WARNING: Do not read any of the stories if real or implied homoerotic content offends

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Lady of Shalott


Merrie Gail

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