Highlander Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge

Stories from the current Challenge

(Note: stories may be added to any of the challenges at any time and/or they may be edited.  I will alert you by adding NEW and the date of any stories added after the listed date below.)


The Fifteen Minute Challenge (FMC) was born when  a group of Highlander friends who also happen to be fiction writers were bemoaning the decreasing amount of Highlander fiction being posted.  We all acknowledged that we still loved Highlander but felt guilty that, of late, we had not been prolific in posting new fan fiction.  Whilst we were all incredibly busy in our private lives, we agreed that we could all find at least 15 minutes a week to answer a topic posed as a challenge.

We could either write something original directly on the topic or post an inspirational piece (e.g. a poem/picture)  that might or might not be original.

Thus, was born, the FMC Group.

Expected benefits:

We expect to

  1. keep ourselves energised and motivated in terms of creating quality Highlander fiction

  2. help to unplug any dormant muses by being disciplined through regular writing, and

  3. offer active support to each other to storyboard ideas for currently stuck works-in- progress or to workshop ideas for new stories.

In summary:

The FMC Group is:

  1.  determined to do its part to keep quality Highlander Fan Fiction on the web for Highlander fans to enjoy and,

  2.  to nurture continuing engagement of fans with the richness that is the Highlander universe.

The Stories

**Check each FMC for later additions**


 "Just a hint of that smell is enough, and I....."


14 Sept 2003
24 Dec: Hafital added


 "Crawling through hell and coming out whole."


9 June 2003


"Duncan and Methos go to the......."

(Bar/seaside/snow/travelagents/courthouse/architects/real estate

9 June 2003



"Going away with no word of Farewell"


12 April
24 Dec : Lys Filk added


"I miss you most of all..."


15 Mar
24 Dec: Killa added


Alternative Universe: Archangel 9 Mar



A tournament of Lies 28 Feb
24 Dec: Lys Filk added



Duncan or Methos says: "No!"
15 Feb 2003



'Jealousy' - that Green Eyed Monster......did Methos set up the situation with another just to test Duncan??  And how should/would our Scot react???

9 Feb 2003



Alternative Universe:  Duncan with a 68 year old Tessa.  What is happening in her life?  3 Feb 2003 


Other Inspirational Material

  Poems, Fragments....